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Hello! Hola! Jambo! Bonjour! สวัสดี!

I am Anitra and owner of Wallet Happy Vacations! I love to travel so much that in 2009 I turned my passion for travel into a career and started my own Travel Agency. Then 2 years later I debuted our very own Travel Club, The Globe Trotting Divas. Keep reading my story to learn more about us!

Making its debut in 2009, my passion to explore destinations with a more Off Beaten Path Travel Experience is how Wallet Happy Vacations started. I knew there was more to discover than the pretty pics in those Travel Catalogs. After research, I begin to connect and partner with premier tour operators in each destination I’d visit who could help bring my vision to life. The aftermath was dope! My vision begin to come alive. Taking groups all over the world to explore destinations on an Off Beaten Path Itinerary. 

Today, Wallet Happy Vacations is a premier Online Group Travel Specialist based in Philadelphia, PA.  

Our Mission is simple: Bringing bucket list destinations to life through exquisite and off beaten path travel itineraries. 

 We welcome you to join us!