Your Questions, Answered

Who are The Globe Trotting Divas?

The Globe Trotting Divas is an online Travel Community providing Off Beaten Path curated Group Travel Events to women across the globe. We are owned and managed by Wallet Happy Vacations who completes and process all of our travel arrangements including but not limited to payments. Wallet Happy Vacations is certified through TRUE to sell travel on behalf of The Globe Trotting Divas and we also hold a E&O Liability Policy of $1M. Both, The Globe Trotting Divas and Wallet Happy Vacations are located in Philadelphia, PA. 

What are your business hours?

Monday - Thursday 6p - 9p; Saturday 12p - 7p EST. You can email us at theglobetrottingdivas@gmail.com any time and we will follow up within 24 business hours with a reply.  

Do you offer Roommate Placement?

Yes, we do. However, due to the current Global Pandemic Roommate Placement is currently not available. 

Do you offer a Deposit and Payment Plan Program?

Absolutely! Unless otherwise stated, all of our group travel events give clients the option to either pay in full at time of booking or make a low deposit and use our flexible payment plan option. 

Is there some one from The Globe Trotting Divas who will travel with the group?

Yes! At most, there will be one host per event unless we see fit to have more than one host hosting the same travel event. You will be introduced to your Travel Events Host and invited to meet with her and your fellow travelers 30 days prior to departure of travel event. We also hosts Welcome Happy Hours at each host destination on day of arrival. 

Are all Travel Events for women only? 

Not any longer. Men are now welcomed to join our travel events however, the majority of our events are dominated by female travelers.

If I cancel my reservation will I be refunded?

All of our travel packages are offered at the lowest possible rate at the time of booking and therefore all deposits and payments are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. We highly recommend that you invest in your trip by purchasing Travel Protection from our preferred Travel Insurance Provider, Travel Safe. You can also purchase Travel Protection on your own using any of your preferred providers.

What happens if my roommate cancels and I still want to take the trip?

If your roommate cancels, the reservation will automatically be updated and readjusted to the current package price based on the new occupancy. In this case, all remaining travelers on the booking will be held 100% responsible for any remaining monies owed even if all remaining traveler(s) are paid in full at the time of cancellation. 

When Will I receive my Travel Itinerary?

Official Travel Documents are sent to each traveler via email within 30 days of departure as long as full payment has been received by the assigned due date.

How can I join The Globe Trotting Divas on Social Media?

We have a social presence on Facebook and Instagram. Click on any or all links below to join us! 

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Is the Globe Trotting Divas hiring or looking for Guest Bloggers? 

Currently, The Globe Trotting Divas is not hiring. However, we are always seeking guests bloggers. If interested in being a guest blogger submit your inquiry here.  

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